Advanced De-addiction Management

Advance De-Addiction Management programs are a proactive initiative to address the deeply entrenched physical, social and psychological issues including addictions to alcohol and smoking. Living Well De-Addiction programs have two modules namely,

1 – Stop Smoking Start Living

2 – Devine for Alcohol De-addiction.

These programs aim at empowering an individual to live an addiction-free life. They mainly focus on creating awareness on addictions and their long-term ill effects. They also include stress-handling techniques like Sudarshan Kriya, Pranayama, and Yoga to overcome cravings for smoking or alcohol, as stress plays an important role in developing an addiction. The program treatment includes medical detoxification, clinical and psychological therapies, managing abstinence and relapse prevention strategy.

In addition to helping an individual to handle addiction, the programs envision a holistic perspective on life for every individual participant. The program enables an individual to carry forward the vision for a great future that they may consciously choose for themselves.

Advanced De-addiction Management