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Psychiatrist For Depression Treatment In pune

Psychiatrist For Depression Treatment In Pune

What is depression?

Usually, people think that sadness or downswings in mood mean depression. But depression is more than sadness. The people with depression feel lifeless, empty, and apathetic, angry, aggressive, and restless. It is totally different from day-to-day life’s sadness. The feeling of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness are more intense in these people. Depression is mostly observed in people aged between 25-4.

 Be Cautious About Common Symptoms of Depression

Be cautious if you have the following symptoms as you might be suffering from DEPRESSION. You must take help of psychiatrist if you have these symptoms.

You have a problem while sleeping. You either sleep too much or unable to sleep

  • you are unable to concentrate
  • you are feeling helpless and hopeless
  • you are unable to control your negative feelings
  • you either have lost your appetite or you are eating too much
  • your behavior is becoming more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than normal
  • Reckless behavior
  • Suicidal ideations

If you are facing the above problems you must visit with our Aastha Hospital and get the depression treatment in Pune from the best psychiatrist in Pune. Stronger the symptoms of depression require the best depression therapy.

Types of Depression

  1. Major Depression –Major depression is characterized by the lack of interest to enjoy life and experience pleasure.
  2. Dysthymia (recurrent, mild depression)– Most of the time you feel depressed but for a short period you feel normal.
  3. Bipolar Disorder –when Depression is just one side of the coin varying with recurrent manic symptoms.
  4. Seasonal Affective Disorder – Many people feel depressed with seasonal changes. Like people feel sad when summer wanes, some people feel during the fall or winter months and subsides in the spring.
  5. Postpartum Depression– It is serious depression and long lasting which get triggered in part.
  6. Comorbidity with other disorders– Majority of people with depression also suffer from Substance-related disorders, Panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Eating disorders, Borderline personality disorder

Treatment Approaches

Once the cause of depression is known, it becomes very easy to select appropriate therapy for the treatment of depression. In most of the cases, the best depression treatment may involve a combination of social support, lifestyle changes, emotional skills building, and professional help.

Get psychiatric help – Psychiatric treatment of depression therapy, medication, and alternative treatments. Besides, you can avail depression counseling in Pune from Aastha Hospital.

Risk factors to avoid depression are

  • Loneliness
  • Lack of social support
  • Recent stressful life experiences
  • The family history of depression
  • Marital or relationship problems
  • Financial strain
  • Early childhood trauma or abuse
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Unemployment or underemployment
  • Health problems or chronic pain

Protective factors to prevent Depression

  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise
  • Meditate regularly
  • Regulate your blood sugar
  • Eat healthy fats and eat less sugar consumption
  • Say “NO” to alcohol
  • Eat foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids like fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts
  • Manage your stress levels effectively
  • Find passion in life.

Therefore, Depression is treatable by making positive lifestyle changes and by utilizing your strengths and building up your support system !!

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