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Psychiatrist for Stress Management in Pune

Nowadays stress management is becoming necessary for everyone. For stress management, first, you should identify the causes of your stress that makes you feel angry, tense, worried or irritable. Few causes are job pressures, relationship problems or financial concerns. Apart from this, daily hassles and demands, such as waiting in a long line or being late to a meeting, also contribute to your stress level. Once the cause of stress is known, you should think about strategies for dealing with them.

When to take help for stress management?

If stress remains in your life for a long time it lowers your ability to cope. Therefore, it is always better to take help with stress management. Before taking help for stress management you should take a look for the following points.

  1. Whether stress is dominating your life.
  2. Whether stress is affecting your physical health.
  3. Are you using unhealthy coping methods to deal with stress?
  4. Are you experiencing angry outbursts that are affecting those around you?

Once you identified that you need support for stress management, you should meet a counselor who will be able to assess your stress and suggest you appropriate treatment.

8 best tips for stress management

  1. Counseling

Most of the mental health doctors recommend for the counseling and psychotherapy from a psychiatrist. Discussing your problem with a counselor can help you to understand any fundamental issues that is causing your stress. This will help you to deal with your stress.

  1. Mindfulness

This is another treatment recommended for those struggling with stress. This tactic comes from a meditation technique.  Which focuses on paying attention to the present moment, rather than thinking about past or future events.

  1. Everyday stress management

Along with the above stress management techniques, you can try below tips to manage your stress. Psychologists also agree that these are useful tips that can help you with everyday stress management.

  1. Know your stress triggers

To know your stress triggers, you should keep a diary to note down. Include as all the information about your experience. With the help of this diary, you would be able to figure out what are your stress triggers and how can you cope with pressure and how you could potentially change your reactions.

  1. Look after yourself

You should give time for exercise. Exercise is a useful tactic to tackle stress. It helps to release ‘feel good’ endorphins which helps you to de-stress physically and mentally. You should eat well and give time to relax. Unhealthy diet puts your body into physical stress. Spending time to relax is key part to reduce stress. You can spend time on meditating, practicing yoga, reading, or simply being quiet with your own thoughts.

  1. Avoid unhealthy habits

Avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, taking drugs or even over-eating can help you to reduce stress.

  1. Connect with others

Talking your difficulties with friends, family, co-workers, or a qualified professional is a  good step towards reducing your stress levels.

  1. Accept what you cannot change

If a difficult situation arises in your life and there is nothing you can do to change it, take a step back and just accept it.

Who is the best psychiatrist in Pune for stress management?

Astha hospital has a team of best psychiatrist in Pune. It is Pune’s leading hospital for psychiatric management of Addictions like alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, and other mental illnesses.

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